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Jean Greenhowe's Storybook Dolls (28 pages)

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Storybook Dolls features eight all-time favourite characters.  These Prince and Princess dolls are very versatile and can be made as stand-up mascots, decorations or as cuddlies for youngsters.  All the dolls are based on one pattern and measure around 31cm [12¼in] in height.

Who could resist the ever popular handsome Cowboy Prince and his beautiful Princess.  He is resplendent in his blue and orange costume with jaunty feathered hat, while  the Princess wears a floor-length golden gown with a medieval head-dress.

Boys will just love our ‘way out west’ Cowboy in his fabulous outfit of chaps, neckerchief and typical cowboy hat.


The swashbuckling Pirate is searching for treasure on a desert island and he certainly looks the part with his skull and cross-bones hat!

Robin Hood and Maid Marion

The story of Robin Hood and the lovely Maid Marion is famous throughout the world.  Knit our adventurous Robin in his Sherwood green costume.  Maid Marion is a picture of sweetness in her sugar pink gown and period head-dress.

Tooth Fairy

Our Tooth Fairy is an extra-special childhood companion because she keeps each little lost tooth safe in her purse, until it is ‘magically’ exchanged for a coin. 

The Christmas Tree Fairy is dressed in seasonal  coloursChristmas Tree Fairy of red and green.  Her garland hat wonderfully reflects these shades, decorated with holly leaves and berries.  She would make the perfect addition to your festive fun.

There are many clever and exciting innovations in this booklet.  For example, knitters will be intrigued to discover how the various hats are designed - especially the Cowboy and Pirate hats.


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