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Scarecrow Family
Little Gift Dolls
Traditional Favourites
Christmas Special
Christmas Treasures
Knitted Animals
Jemima-Jane and Friends
Mascot Dolls
Storybook Dolls
Toy Collection
Fabulous Fun-Knits Donut Delights
Playful Puppies
Little Dumpling Ladies
Little Dumpling Men
Knitted Clowns
Tradesmen Clowns
Young Alf's Pals
Knitted Hedgehogs
Dolly Mixtures
Bazaar Knits
MacScarecrow Clan
MacScarecrow Clan Storybook
The following four titles are not available at present
Celebration Clowns
Snowtime Friends
Golfing Clown
Topsy Turnabout Doll
Celebration Clowns
Snowtime Friends
Golfing Clown
Topsy-Turnabout Doll

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