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Jean Greenhowe's Mascot Dolls (28 pages)

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For this booklet Jean created a marvellous Brownie and Guide collection of ten Mascot Dolls, each with a charming display stand depicting an appropriate scene.  And what’s more everything on the display stands is knitted.  For example, the back supports are variously brick or stone walls with moss and the bases represent pavements, snow, grass, concrete etc. 

The ever popular Brownie and Guide are enjoying the great outdoors and warming themselves by a knitted camp fire. Have you ever knitted fire?

Our cheerful Santa is Nurse on the rooftops delivering presents - which lucky boy or girl will receive the miniature teddy bear in his sack?  Santa's chimney stack has a covering of snow and some very realistic icicles!

The sweet Nurse is guaranteed to bring a smile to any patient. The bedside locker has a vase of flowers, get-well card and a fluffy towel.  What a wonderful gift for anyone who is feeling under the weather, or as a token of appreciation for a nurse.

Fireman and Policeman

The brave Fireman is ready for action, complete with a fire hose and puddle of water - just imagine  knitting water! Footballer

 Conjuring up bygone days the Policeman stands beside an old-fashioned lamp post, accurate in every detail. 

The Footballer on the touch line is about to take a free kick.  Knit him in your favourite team colours.


Our lovely Ballerina bows gracefully at the footlights, having been presented with a delightful floral tribute.  Her knitted tu-tu is exquisite - no stiffening and no extras such as fabric are required.  The tu-tu stands out by itself due to the way it is constructed.Lifeboatman and Sailor

Finally, breath in the sea air and feel the salty breeze as the Lifeboatman and Sailor gaze out to the far horizon.

All the uniforms and outfits are as authentic as possible, even though the dolls are only 24cm (9½in) high.  We’re sure Santa is authentic too!


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