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Jean Greenhowe's Donut Delights (20 pages)


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Front cover

We are always tickled pink by Jean’s ability to dream up amazing creations when she starts a new knitting project.  However, it can be a little puzzling when she begins with one idea and then – eureka! – something else exciting happens.  Which is exactly what took place with Donut Delights. Jean’s vision of a large knitted donut with a sweet little character nestling in the middle Knitted Captionsdeveloped into an entire donut-themed extravaganza. All the designs are very versatile and can be knitted as keepsakes, for special occasions, for charity fundraising, or simply as charming ornaments.

There are Six lovable Dolls which fit snugly into the Donuts.  They can be made for a wide variety of celebrations and Jean has provided instructions and suggestions for various greetings captions to personalise the Donuts for particular gifts.


Greetings CaptionsBaby Boy and Girl

Should you wish to add more commemorative details, these can be written on a cardboard circle glued to the centre of the donut base. For example, the Baby Girl and Boy Dolls are lovely mementoes for new born babies or toddler’s birthdays and similarly, the Chef, Party Girl and Clown can also record details of the event. For ‘Happy Christmas’  there is also a Snowman with his own tiny Christmas stocking containing a parcel.

  Chef Party Girl Clown Snowman  


Next on Jean’s expanding donut related list, a Quartet of adorable Ducklings.  Sure to be loved by youngsters and grown-ups alike, what could be more amusing than a Prehistoric Duckling or a Cowboy straight out of the Wild West?  For Easter there is a also a Pretty Miss, with a flower-trimmed hat, a tiny purse and ringlets.  Not forgetting the Christmas Duckling with cosy scarf and a tasselled cap. 

  Prehistoric Duckling Cowboy Duckling Easter Bonnet Duckling Christmas Duckling  

Knowing Jean and her imagination, there was more to come and so up popped the Pop-ups! These little Toy Baubles will be Pop Upsever so popular with the children.  Pushed into the Donuts, only the caps are visible.  Pull them out slowly and you first glimpse the eyes then surprise, surprise, the smiley faces are revealed. They can also be made for the Yuletide tree and there are four cap styles.

Party Treats
Then Jean had yet another idea!  Why not turn the Donuts into Containers for Children’s Party Treats!  Although the Donut hole only measures 5cm [2in] across the diameter, it will comfortably hold 20 small lollypops or 20 candy canes, or 20 short sticks of rock. The glued-on cardboard circle (mentioned above) keeps the contents in place and if required, details of the party can also be recorded.

And for those kind people who knit for charity, the Dolls, Ducklings and Pop-ups by themselves are perfect knits for fund-raising.  The average size of the Dolls and Ducklings is 12cm [4¾in] in height and the Pop-ups measure just 5cm [2in].  All measurements are without the caps and only small amounts of yarn and stuffing are required.  The Donuts measure 13.5cm [5¼in] across the diameter and require about 30g [about 1oz] of yarn, including the icing.

Birthdays and other celebrations aside, why not knit a wonderful display of these irresistible novelties as decorations for yourself?  They are especially eye-catching, absolutely unique and no doubt – showstoppers!

Now returning to the puzzles.  We can only say ‘Hooray’ for Jean’s eureka moments and hope you enjoy creating the Donut Delights as much as we enjoyed their arrival off Jean’s magic knitting needles!




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