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Jean Greenhowe's Dolly Mixtures (24 pages)

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Dolly Mixtures contains patterns for eight adorable dolls, two cute doggies and a tiny teddy known as Snuggles. The dolls average 23cm (9in) in height, doggies are about 6cm (2½in) and Snuggles is only 5cm (2in) tall, ahhh ....

Bertie and Bob
With Jean's inimitable ability to create wondrous things from next-to-nothing, each doll can be made from around 70 grams (2½ ounces) of yarn oddments and 85 grams
(3 ounces) of stuffing. For a very small outlay on materials, the end results are truly sweet little treasures.

Bertie the clown is a riot of colour, with his flower-trimmed bowler hat, patched baggy pants and natty umbrella. Bertie is accompanied by Bob his faithful doggy friend. Jean has devised a really easy pattern for Bob, so Princess Penelope that he sits up ready for his star-turn performance. Bravo Bob and Bertie! Jean made Bob's podium from a bit of cardboard tube, with circles of cardboard glued to each end. Decorated with striped fabric or paper and bits of braid, you could make one for your very own Bob to complete the scene.

Pretty in pink, Princess Penelope has her own favourite knitted teddy bear called Snuggles, because even princesses love cuddly toys. Penelope is wearing a tiara as befits her title, which matches her dress perfectly. Snuggles is a teeny 5cm (2in) tall and the pattern is easy-peasy. Just one knitted piece for the legs, body and head and one piece for the arms. Princess dolls are hugely popular and now you can create a knitted version for that little princess in Annabel and Edwardyour family. Not forgetting Snuggles.

What can we say about Annabel and Edward - a perfect pair of once upon a time dolls. Don't they look like they just stepped out Jake the Pirate of a children's picture book from long ago? Sure to be loved to bits by little girls, we have no doubt that these enchanting dolls will be knitted as ornamental decorations for grown-ups. Jean used co-ordinating colours for both dolls, which knit them together so perfectly.

Ahoy me hearties! Jake the Pirate will certainly be a firm favourite with the boys and no doubt girls as well! With his striped headband, knee high boots, green tunic and frilled sleeves, he cuts a dashing figure. Jake's treasure sack is roomy enough for a hoard of gold-covered chocolate coins or other confections. Altogether, the perfect present for young lads (or ladies)!.

Tom and Toby

When Jean designed Tom the Snowman she decided that he needed a pet and so Tom's little snow puppy came off the knitting needles. And here is Tom introducing Toby, a cheeky Tobylittle doggy who is also a scene-stealer - just look at that smile!

Again, Jean's Toby is a whiz to knit, no complications whatsoever. Sure to please the children, Tom and Toby also make eye-catching decorations for the Christmas Season. You can use a roll of cotton wool, bits of greenery and a brown paper path to recreate Jean's scene, for a unique display on the festive sideboard.Rosie

Reminiscent of Covent Garden in London, Rosie is selling her flower posies in the market place. She is dressed in old-fashioned clothes, lace-trimmed pantalets, striped skirt and toning blouse and of course, a flower-trimmed mob cap.Alfie the Elf Rosie's basket of flowers is a little treasure in its own right, a knitted version of those precious miniature china ornaments in glass cabinets. The flower basket would make a lovely keepsake gift for a birthday, or any other appropriate occasion.


Alfie the Elf is a charming fellow with his pointy ears, cap and boots decorated with bobbles, not to mention the darling little heart tassels on his scarf. Jean has also used her signature picot edges on Alfie's cap, cuffs and boots, as elfish finishing touches. Alfie also has a stripy sack, to be filled with sweet treats or a special present from Elfland. The sack can also be used as a novelty gift bag for adults, varying the stripe colours as desired.

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