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The MacScarecrow Clan Storybook (64 pages)

MacScarecrow Clan The MacScarecrow Clan knitting booklet introduced the MacScarecrows of Glen Sunnybogle with the story, ‘Wee Sproot Meets The Monster’.

We have now published three further stories in a hardback book - limited edition of 2,000 copies.

Within the 64 pages of the storybook you will meet Scotty and Morag, their children Wee Sproot and Baby Bonnie, the sweet little dog Scamp, the yarn-spinning Great Uncle Angus and Big Bobby, the veryScamp un-scary monster!

Happy Birthday Uncle Angus

Jean’s daughter Victoria wrote the heart-warming stories while Jean's illustrations are in the classic tradition of delightful pen and ink drawings.

Every copy is personally signed by Victoria and Jean.

Fun for all ages, the book includes many quaint Scottish words and a glossary for translation.  For instance, did you know that in Scotland a fernitickle is a freckle?  Or that a forkietail is an earwig?  But as Uncle Angus would no doubt say, ‘porridge is just braw (fine) in any language!’ Happy Birthday Uncle Angus Read more of Uncle Angus’ home-spun wisdom in his cheery Introduction.Happy Birthday Uncle Angus

With lots of amusing detail, the stories are full of Scottish oatcake goodness.

In Happy Birthday Uncle Angus Wee Sproot has a mysterious mystery to solve.  Exactly how old is Uncle Angus?  Sproot searches high and low and in-between for the answer.  Join him on an adventure which features toffee tiddlers, an ancient knitted swimming costume and many clues that just might solve the puzzle.
It Spells Disaster

It Spells Disaster begins when a Really ImportantIt Spells Disaster MacScarecrow Heirloom goes missing.  According to ancient legend the loss will bring D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.! Poor Uncle Angus is in a right old peely-wally plouter, Scamp is terrified of being DOOMED but luckily Sproot is ready to save the day in this intriguing tale of secret passages, cobwebs and a new cheese-loving friend.

One dark and stormy night Uncle Angus is Cousin Flora entertaining Sproot and Scamp with the incredible story of Cousin Flora - fearless heroine of Crumbley Island.  Suddenly, Cousin Flora a note arrives from Flora.  She needs help!

And before you can say ‘all hands to the deck’ it’s Sproot, Uncle Angus and Scamp to the rescue!  Enjoy this action-packed story of courage, a brave birdie called Bosun and the dreaded Topsy-turvy Trickyitus.  And just where do those elephants come in? All will be revealed ...

Cousin FloraYour knitted dolls and the storybook would make a superb gift and a unique family heirloom to treasure.

This one and only first edition will not be repeated - buy now while stocks last!Jean and Victoria signing books

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