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Jean Greenhowe's Scarecrow Family (20 pages)

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Jean Greenhowe's Scarecrow Family booklet has become one of the all-time classic knitting publications.Scarecrow Family


When Sam ScarecrowSam Scarecrow first appeared in the UK's Woman's Weekly magazine in 1985 he caused a sensation. Never before had there been a knitted character so skillfully designed and with such amazing detail. From the mouse in his hat to the robin on his shoulder and the tiny ladybird on his foot - absolutely everything was knitted.


Sam was so hugely popular Jean couldn't resist creating his wife - Sally Scarecrow. This pattern was published in Woman's Weekly magazine in 1987 and again the public reaction was overwhelming. Soon the happy couple became a happy family with the arrival of The Twins, Baby Sunshine, Grandpa Septimus and Grandma Selina - three generations of the familySally Scarecrow.

Grandpa Septimus and Grandma Selina

The Scarecrow Family booklet was launched in 1988 by Jean's own company, Jean Greenhowe Designs. This was our very first publication and proved to be an instant success, the initial print run of 50,000 copies selling out within weeks.


Knitters immediately realised that something new and exciting was happening in the world of knitting.


Sam was 21 years old in 2006 and we like to think that youngsters who had Sams in 1985 may be handing him down to their own children. He is certainly well-travelled! We have been sent photographs of Sam and the family from every corner of the world - from the jungles of South America to Papua New Guinea and Siberia.

Baby Sunshine

It would be impossible to estimate the number of Sams which exist in the world today. From our postbag we know that knitters have made the Scarecrow Family so many times that their patterns are in tatters and the text has worn off the pages!

The Twins

Over the years Sam and Sally have both had interesting 'knitted' lives. For example, did you know that Sally starred in a film with movie star Pierce Brosnan or that Sam once worked at the BBC?


The grown-up dolls measure around 34cm (13½ in), while the Twins are 28cm (11in) high.

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