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Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Animals (20 pages)

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Everyone loves soft toy animals but knitting patterns for such toys are often very complicated, requiring numeroPuppyus pieces with awkward gussets and darts.  But there are no such complications in Jean’s animals, just the easiest of shapings and stitches.  All the designs are quite small and only require oddments of yarn.


The mischievous Puppy is an excellent example of Jean’s ingenuity where the construction depends upon - the dog collar!  You have to knit him to discover the secret.  He measures 17cm (6¾in) in length and instructions are included for his bone and doggy bowl.  This Duck Family little Puppy is especially appealing because his head can be turned from side to side.

For Easter you can knit The Duck Family. The pattern is exactly the same for the adults and children.  Double yarn is used for Mom and Pop and one strand for the Little Ones and the Hatching Chick.  Isn’t he adorable?  The ducks measure 13cm (5in) high, excluding the hats.  The ducklings are 9.5cm (3¾in) high.  Baby duckling measures 6cm (2⅜in) including the egg shell pieces.

Mice - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Our miniature Mice represent the four seasons.  The Spring mouse is busy - Spring cleaning!  Summer mouse is dressed as a lovely bride, while the Autumn mouse brings in the harvest.  The Puss in Boots Winter mouse has been Christmas shopping and is well wrapped up against the snowy weather.  All four mice measure 12cm (4¾in) in height.

Puss in Boots is a splendid fellow in his dashing cavalier-style costume.  This Owl nursery tale character measures 23cm (9in).  His jaunty hat is trimmed with feathers - have you ever tried to knit feathers?  Well, Jean shows you how.

Koala, Piglet, Bunny, Panda


The wise Owl is the ideal gift for graduation success or a good luck mascot for anyone sitting exams or taking a driving test.  Free standing, he measures 16cm (6¼in) to the top of his mortar-board cap.


Koala, Piglet, Bunny and Panda are greatElephants knockabout, take anywhere companions for little ones.  All made from the same basic pattern each one measures 17cm (6¾in) excluding the ears.



The four lovable Elephants are also made from one pattern.  Measuring 15cm (6in) high, each one has a  different outfit.

Our darling Penguin Penguin with a woolly scarf and striped bobble hat, merrily lights the way with an old-fashioned lantern.  This cute soft toy measures 18cm (7in) to the bobble on his cap.  He would make a jolly Frog FamilyChristmas gift or decoration.

The Frog Family enjoy a day out in the country, although father frog doesn’t seem to be having much luck with his fishing!  Knitters will have fun discovering the unique construction of the frogs ‘toes’ and ‘fingers’.  The adults measure 21cm (8¼in) in height.  The children are 16cm (6¼in) high.


Mother and Baby Whales are cuddlesome little toys and both are knitted from the same pattern, with double yarn used for mum and one strand for baby.  Mother Whale is 16cm (6¼in)Kitten in length.  Baby Whale measures 12cm (4¾in) high.

And lastly, there’s a very sweet 8cm (3in) white Kitten.  Curled up on his very own knitted cushion, he would look quite at home on any cat-lovers mantelpiece.


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